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Polk Audio Signature Series S55E 5.1 System (Black)

Polk Audio Signature Series S55E 5.1 System
1 x Denon AVR-X2700H  AV Receiver
1 x Polk Audio S35E Centre Speaker
1 x Pair Polk Audio S15E Bookshelf Speakers
1 x Pair Polk Audio S55E Floorstanding Speakers
1 x Polk Audio HTS 10 Subwoofer

Polk Audio Signtature Series S50E 5.1 System (Black)

Polk Audio Signature Series S50E 5.1 System
1 x Denon AVR-x1600H  AV Receiver
1 x Polk Audio S30E Centre Speaker
1 x Pair Polk Audio S10E Bookshelf Speakers
1 x Pair Polk Audio S50E Floorstanding Speakers 1 x Polk Audio HTS 10 Subwoofer

Polk Magnifi Max SR 5.1 Soundbar System

Maximum-Performance True 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar and Wireless Rear Surround Sound System
The Polk MagniFi MAX SR maximum-performance true 5.1 home theater sound bar system includes the MAX sound bar, wireless subwoofer and two wireless surround speakers for a bigger, more dynamic surround sound. Optimized for movies, TV, sports and music, the MAX delivers an audio experience far beyond that of traditional sound bars. It features patented SDA surround technology for a wider, more immersive listening experience and Polk Voice Adjust technology for crystal clear dialogue—and it’s equipped with Polk Smart Remote technology, so it works with your TV’s remote control right out of the box. Plus, the included HDMI (4k compatible) and optical cables make setup quick and easy. And, Google Chromecast Built-in and Bluetooth technologies let you stream all of your favorite music. Compatible with most major TV manufacturers.

Polk Magnifi Mini Soundbar System

The MagniFi Mini delivers the big, room-filling home theater experience you’d expect from a full-size sound bar in an ultra-compact design. Compatible with most TVs, it’s easy to set up and features Polk’s Voice Adjust and surround sound technologies, ensuring crystal clear dialogue and immersive surround sound—plus an included wireless subwoofer for deep bass impact you can feel. Stream your favorite music through Bluetooth and Google Cast. Features:
Elevated Surround Sound
Polk’s patented surround technology and 5.1 Dolby Digital decoding create incredible room-filling surround sound from the ultra-compact sound bar and wireless subwoofer.

Polk Signa S3 Soundbar System

Universal TV Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer System with Chromecast Built-in
  • Performance-tuned soundbar and wireless subwoofer with Chromecast built-in— stream Hi-Res music from your favourite apps over Wi-Fi
  • Polk Patented Voice Adjust technology dramatically increases vocal clarity and volume level for crystal clear dialogue, no matter what you’re watching
  • At just over 2” tall, low-profile design won’t block your TVs bottom edge or IR remote sensor— place it in front of your TV or mount it to the wall
  • Universal Compatibility and All Cables Included: Works with HD, 4K and 8K TVs via HDMI ARC. Includes HDMI cable for easy setup.

Polk Signa Solo Soundbar System

Universal Home Theater Sound Bar
Elevate your media experience with the Polk Signa Solo universal home theater sound bar—works with any TV
Patented SDA digital surround technology creates an expansive, multi-dimensional sound experience
Patented Polk VoiceAdjust technology lets you customize the voice levels to reproduce clear, crisp dialogue
10x more bass than your typical TV speakers— four-driver array and bass ports deliver deeper, punchier bass without the need for an external subwoofer
Signa Solo
The Polk Signa Solo sound bar delivers an immersive home theater experience—far outperforming to your TV speakers. Plus, it takes minutes to set up. Features patented SDA surround technology for a wider, more immersive listening experience and Polk VoiceAdjust technology for crystal clear dialogue. Built-in Bluetooth lets you stream all of your favorite music wirelessly.

Polk Subwoofer PSW10 (Black)

Polk PSW10 (Black)
PSW108 fills in the bottom end of your home theater system. Relieve your main speakers from performing bass duty and let them work on the mids and highs. PSW108 is a great addition to any subwooferless system and will bring your movie watching experience to the next level. Here's how it does it.
PSW108 Features:
The PSW108 features a front firing port so you get the full bass impact focused directly at your seating area.
We don't use cheap paper cardboard woofers. This is the real deal and part of why PSW Series subwoofers outperform the competition.
By using a state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analyzer, Polk engineers were able to optimize the woofer's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension bringing you the best possible performance even at extreme listening levels.
A Polk perfected method of analyzing a speaker's microscopic behavior with laser Interferometry. Polk engineers can tune out unwanted resonance and distortion with the right combination of materials, geometry and construction techniques. This brings you pure, distortion free sound.
Line- and speaker-level inputs, and speaker level outputs allow easy connection to any system.
Keeps the subwoofer from sliding across the floor when played at high volumes.